Message from President

  • Thank you for visiting the MIYAWAKI Inc. website.

    MIYAWAKI is a manufacturer of steam traps and control devices for other fluids and gases, and over the course of many years our steam products and services have been used in a vast range of industries.
    This gives me a heartfelt sense of gratitude towards those who choose to use our products.

    Going forward, MIYAWAKI shall continue to take an energy-saving perspective and focus on minimizing our customers’ energy loss as we work to develop durable and easily maintainable products and contribute to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions around the world.

    We also work to improve quality and protect the environment, and have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification to this end.

    I believe that as generations come and go, the fundamental starting point for business is people coming together.
    With our company philosophy as the starting point for each of our actions, we shall continue to move forward to provide fulfillment not only to our customers, but to our employees as well.

    MIYAWAKI is proud of the fact that it is an energy-saving company, and through steam shall work for the benefit of people and the natural world.

  • 写真:株式会社ミヤワキ 代表取締役 宮脇 健輔

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Company Philosophy

"誠実" means "Honesty"
"独創的発想" means "Imaginative idea"
"社会貢献" means "Social contribution"