Company Profile

  • Name
  • Foundation
  • May 1933
  • Establishment
  • December 1953
  • Head Office & Factory
  • Tagawakita 2-1-30, Yodogawa-ku,
    Osaka, 532-0021, Japan
    Tel: (+81) 6-6302-5531
  • Offices
  • 10 sales offices (Japan)
    3 affliated companies (overseas)
  • President
  • Kensuke Miyawaki
  • Capital
  • 25.6 million yen
  • Number of Employees
  • 140
  • Business Fields
  • ● Steam traps, pressure reducing valves, hot water supplying system, and a wide range of other gas/fluid control devices relating to steam.
    ● Steam trap management system, testing equipment, and a wide range of other diagnostic devices.
    ● Consulting for energy saving in steam and hot water supplying system.
  • Products 
  • Steam traps, air and gas traps, pressure reducing valves for steam, steam and water mixing valves, hot water devices, condensate recovery devices, steam trap management systems, inline mixers, separators, air vents for steam, sight glasses, check valves, strainers, anti freeze valves, heat retention covers, and more.
  • Affliated Companies
  • China
    Miyawaki West Co., Ltd.
    Room902 ,Building 8, Huaqing Chuangzhi Park, No.3 Qingyan Road, Huishan District, Wuxi City Jiangsu, China
    TEL/FAX: 0510-8359-5125

    Birnbaumsmühle 65 D-15234 Frankfurt/
    Oder Germany

    ul. Bluchera No 88-306
    620137 Ekaterinburg


Customer satisfaction.
This is MIYAWAKI’s point of origin.

  • MIYAWAKI’s predecessor, the machine tool company Miyawaki Sentaro Trading, was established in May 1933.

    Steam traps were one of the items that Miyawaki Sentaro Trading offered. At the time, steam traps were regarded as nothing more than an accessory for steam pipe systems, and their function and operation were extremely inefficient and crude compared to today’s products.

    The starting point for MOIYAWAKI’s research into and development of steam traps can be found in the inventor’s perspective that founder Sentaro Miyawaki took in 1947 when he began to consider the simple question of what he could do to make them work more efficiently, and in his uncompromising belief that the products he sold should have no flaws and must always satisfy the customer.

    This point of origin is reflected in the word integrity in the company philosophy of today’s MIYAWAKI Inc.

  • 689.png

An unwavering focus on creativity in development
This is the approach MIYAWAKI takes.

  • The prototype for the first Model R steam trap was completed in 1947,
    but no manufacturing or sales were ever undertaken for it due to the fact that it still had several defects. So with the unwavering goal of creating a highly refined product,

    the flaws in the Model R prototype were overcome and the steam trap was completed two years later in 1949.
    This was the MIYAWAKI brand’s first product, the landmark Model F.

    Miyawaki’s patented Model F duplex steam trap was selected by the Japan Patent Office as an “invention of note”
    and the following year it received the Osaka Award for Excellence in Invention, meaning that its quality was recognized in both the public and private sectors.
    In the same year, the MIYAWAKI brand’s second product, the Model R steam trap was completed, and the company went on to successfully develop one high-performance steam trap after another.

    The company would subsequently be awarded, among other things, the Osaka Prefectural Governor’s Award for Success in Invention in November 1953 in praise of the products it had invented thus far.

    The unchanging focus of the company’s development work is reflected in the word creativity in the company philosophy of today’s MIYAWAKI Inc.

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Achieve energy savings.
This mindset represents the mission of Miyawaki.

  • Miyawaki’s effort over many years of steam trap development and research was recognized in December 1960 when founder Sentaro Miyawaki was awarded Japan’s Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon.
    The Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon is given by the Japanese government on the basis of the Medal of Honor Ordinance to individuals who have contributed to academic and artistic developments, improvements and accomplishments.

    In 1973, just as the country was going through a period of high economic growth, Japan suffered the impact of the oil crisis of that year.
    And it was this year in which the world changed from one that beautified the idea of consumption and entered an age of energy saving.

    Almost as if the company had foreseen the coming of such an age, this was the year that Miyawaki completed its TB bimetal temperature control trap on whose research and development it had been focused over the course of a decade.

    This TB temperature control trap was a product that marked a clear departure from those that had come before it in terms of energy-saving performance.
    It was a revolutionary energy-saving product, so much so that companies who adopted it were able to use this very fact to promote themselves as companies working to save energy.

    This energy-saving mindset is reflected in the term social responsibility in the company philosophy of today’s Miyawaki Inc.

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We are an energy-saving company.
This is what Miyawaki takes pride in.

  • For Miyawaki, saving energy is the very essence of our business activities.

    Steam traps are products that in themselves achieve energy savings, and through our passionate application in all aspects of research, development, manufacturing, quality control, sales, and promotion, these activities enable us to contribute to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions around the world.

    Miyawaki expanded its business globally as a steam trap industry leader from 1976 onwards, and went on to successfully develop more products that reduce energy usage while receiving many awards for excellence in energy saving.
    The company acquired certification under the global quality standard ISO9001 in 1993 before defining an environmental policy and acquiring ISO14001 certification in 2001, and we continue to work towards improvement in these areas to this day.

    At Miyawaki Inc., we are proud of the fact that we are an energy-saving company, and through steam shall work for the benefit of people and the natural world.

  • compinfo_his_06.jpg写真:優秀省エネルギー機器表彰状スチームトラップ診断管理システムDr.Trap PM301型

    Energy-Efficient Machinery Award
    Steam Trap Management System
    Dr. Trap PM301

  • 写真:日本機械工業連合会会長賞スチームトラップ診断管理システムDr.Trap PM301型

    The Japan Machinery Federation President's Award
    Steam Trap Management System
    Dr. Trap PM301

  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates_en.jpg

    ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates