• News Release

  • 2021.08.11

Three MIYAWAKI products were registered in the History of Japanese Industrial Technology

In July 2021, the below three products developed by MIYAWAKI INC. (Head Office:  Osaka, Japan), were registered in the database of History of Japanese Industrial Technology, National Museum of Nature and Science. 

They were registered for their significant impact in the history of steam trap development, and for their contribution to energy conservation and CO2 reduction in the world.  


■ Registered products

  ● Open bucket steam trap,  Model F and Model R (Ancestor of Inverted bucket steam trap, Model ER)

  ● Temperature control steam trap, Model TB-2 ( Current products; TB series)

  ● Steam trap management system, Dr.Trap PM301 (Currently out of production)


■ Published page is here

*Please note that this site is only available in Japanese.


■ What ”History of Japanese Industrial Technology" is

It is operated by Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology which is one of departments of National Museum of Nature and Science.

The purpose is to save valuable materials about technical development in Japan after war and pass the history down the generations for a long time.

Registered materials are published on the Internet.


■ Regarding trademark

”Dr.Trap” is a registered trademark of MIYAWAKI Inc.