Introduction to Steam

  1. Effective Use of Steam and Steam Traps

    1. Appropriate Steam Provision to Steam Equipment


When supplying steam to a device, it is necessary not only to adhere to the specifications of maximum operating pressure and maximum operating temperature, but also provide appropriate steam in consideration of the equipment load and other usage conditions. For instance, heat energy can be used effectively if the inlet steam pressure of equipment is reduced. Generally, low pressure vapor contains more latent heat. However, the lower the pressure, the lower the saturated steam temperature, and the temperature difference between the heated side and heated side of the heat transfer device becomes small, and the heat transfer area is required to be large to get the same effect.



At the same time, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet sides of the steam trap is reduced, leading to a reduction in the discharge volume. In order to decide the equipment perimeter, it is important to consider the elements in advance.