Introduction to Steam

  1. Precautions for Installation of Steam Traps

    1. Installation of Steam Traps

The following points should be checked when installing steam traps.


● Flow direction of the fluid

The steam trap body will be marked with the direction of condensate flow. Be sure to confirm the direction of flow, and to avoid attach the steam traps incorrectly in terms of inlet and outlet when installing the steam traps. It is mandatory to display the flow direction is mandatory under ISO standards.


● Upper and lower surface

When installing the steam trap horizontally, be sure to confirm the upper and lower surface of the steam trap, and do not attach the steam trap upside down. Inexperienced engineers sometimes install it incorrectly like this. Some steam traps have a 'TOP' mark displayed on the body in the upper part.


● Tilt angle

Steam traps basically need to be installed with the body being upright. Thermodynamic steam traps are allowed to be tilted or installed laterally, but other types of steam traps need to be installed vertically. So you should confirm the allowed tilt angle in the user manual.


● Clearance space for installation of steam traps

This is not directly related to the operation and performance of the steam trap. However, it is better that there is sufficient clearance space for future steam trap maintenance.